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think tank Business Solutions AG digitale produktentwicklung
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Design and implementation of digital applications

Digitalization needs to be tangible and meaningful to make an impact. With innovative individual software applications, we help your business make the most of the digital future.

think tank Business Solutions AG digital product development

Our mission: Creating Digital Business & Agile Organizations

We develop digital products and services. With them, we make the digital transformation of our customers businesses successful. Agile methods and tools support us in our daily job –from product design to automated release and operations management.
Our skilled innovation teams are using human- and value-centered approaches such as Design Thinking or Lean Startup and an agile tool chain that supports our DevOps processes for web and mobile applications.


Our reason: Creating impact for the users, not software output

Designing digital products and services that address unmet user needs

Creating intelligent digital user journeys that support users with their jobs to be done

Creating experiences, that users love

Using future-proof IT-infrastructure

„from buzzword to operational business“ – making digitalization tangible

Our motivation: Change our user’s world & making an impact

think tank Business Solutions AG digital product development

User-centered product design

Applying design thinking approach, prototyping rapidly and focusing on outstanding user experience allows us to cultivate ideas for innovative digital services and applications.

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think tank Business Solutions AG DPD
“You‘ve got to start with the customer experience and work back towards the technology. Not the other way round” (Steve Jobs).
We pursue this approach as we develop our new products. Our primary goal is to identify the actual user needs and to extract the right ideas and functionality by adopting design thinking mindset and its tools. It allows us to accelerate MVP prototyping and to test the ideas and processes with the user quickly. Continuous usability tests aim to improve the user experience, which substantially dominates the agenda throughout the design process. This method, also known as human-centered design, allows us to work with different departments across a wide industry spectrum by putting the emphasis on user experience and application features.


Workshops on agile methods with deployment of such innovation features as

qualitative Interviews

empathy maps


user Journeys

user story mapping

Rapid prototyping

Positioning & value proposition

UX and UI Design

(Agile) requirements & project management

We convert product ideas into agile development projects. We engineer the requirements and manage them, prepare development sprints, conduct testing and validation. We also provide support for project leads and product owners in your enterprise.

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think tank Business Solutions AG DPD
“What if we found ourselves building something that nobody wanted? In that case what did it matter if we did it on time and on budget?” (Eric Ries).
The role of a product owner in agile teams is to specify the requirements, to update the backlogs, to manage the tools and to arrange the sprints, before the features are actually ready to be implemented. In-house product owners, however, tend to be deeply involved in extensive coordination with the stakeholder or exhausting project management activities. Our solution: think tank agile project managers with extensive experience in IT project management, capable of converting any ideas into precise requirements and managing the communication with the development team in any project. Our lean thinking approach allows us to prioritize the requirements and optimize the budget along with resources. As professional test managers we plan and execute the tests and supervise the application roll-out.


Requirements management

Stakeholder management

Product backlog maintenance

Tools management ( Jira, Confluence)

Backlog refinements (product owner, stakeholder, devteam)

Requirements priority management

MVP definition

User story description & definition of acceptance criteria

Product management/marketing

Test management

Test planning/execution

Digital application development

We develop innovative digital products based on cutting-edge web technologies. Our DevOps team is always at your service – be it conception and implementation of IT architecture or the operation of applications.

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think tank Business Solutions AG DPD
We have been dealing with constantly evolving web technologies for over 20 years now. We have helped countless enterprises to cultivate their first humble digitalization efforts to real success stories. think tank’s mission is to implement innovative applications, efficient digital processes and user stories, as well as technology- based business models.


Technical conception

Architecture analysis and definition

Application integration / customization

Implementation of enterprise solutions (front/back-end)


Performance analysis and optimization

Web application security


Nearshore agile development

Application management

We provide maintenance throughout the whole application life-cycle. Beside application development, that also includes permanent optimization and comprehensive user support.

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Our DevOps team provides maintenance for self-developed applications or support you in application management of your existing software. At the same time we offer problem and incident management, change management and sustainable infrastructure for application operation.



Customer support

1st and 2nd level customer support

optional user workshops


Technical maintenance

analysis and troubleshooting

configuration customization

system environment updates

security patches and updates

performance optimization

data archiving and data cleanup

log file analysis

capacity management



implementation of automated infrastructure monitoring

performance and system availability monitoring

complete hardware components monitoring


Further development

implementation of new requirements in accordance with customer specification

change management


Continuous delivery and release management

automated build, integration, test and deployment processing

setup and implementation of relevant toolchains


Methods and tools: digital, agile, human.

Our mindset is the most important tool we have. It defines us and our performance. It´s who we are. It shapes the relationship with our customers and is deeply embodied in our solutions. Because we are open-minded, curious, empathic, attentive, inspired, creative, innovative, transparent, value-centered, optimistic, visual, digital, human-centered, demand-oriented, passionate, ambitious and always willing to learn.


Product design, agile work, DevOps

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From pencil to DevOps chain

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Programming languages, frameworks, databases and more

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