OmniCryptoHub provides a quick and easy overview of the rapid development of the crypto, CeFi, DeFi and digital asset markets.

We enable the seamless creation and automation of processes and workflows, because time is money in the investment business.

The digital asset market, consisting of real-world assets and the DeFi, CeFi and crypto markets, is increasingly growing together. Investors are increasingly investing in both markets, which requires a transparent overview of all markets, investments and the associated custody solutions.

This development is also reflected in the high-net-worth private client segment, where cryptocurrencies and NFTs are gaining in importance alongside traditional assets. Institutional financial service providers are recognizing the need to diversify their portfolios to meet this development. With crypto transactions taking place outside the traditional banking system, reconciliation between cash and crypto holdings is essential.


  • Portfolio or real-time analyses are only possible to a limited extent for both digital assets and traditional.
  • The holdings are distributed across various blockchain protocols in different Valuation is complicated by numerous price sources such as Binance, Coinbase and CoinGecko.
  • Smart contracts must be analyzed for the evaluation of DeFi protocols such as lending or borrowing.
  • Various node providers such as Infura, Ether-scan, NowNodes, Blackdaemon and Moralis provide access to OnChain data

In order to obtain relevant data in context, a considerable investment of time is required to obtain and process the relevant data.

With a standardized view, decisions for day-to-day business can be made more quickly, as many parties are involved in a transaction.

Legal provisions
The reporting must ensure that all legal requirements are met.


The crypto custodian must approve transactions, resulting in a discrepancy between the on-chain balance and the approved balance.

Data sources

The data is distributed across numerous blockchain protocols, wallets, exchanges and external blockchain storage.

Our Solution

The OmniCryptoHub is an orchestration platform that enables seamless data integration across of various chains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum including L2 (Polygon, Base, etc.), Litecoin, Dashcoin, Dogecoin, exchanges and wallets, with a focus on holdings, transactions and their valuations.

Various node providers such as Infura, Etherscan, NowNodes, Blackdaemon and Moralis provide access to OnChain data and enable access to smart contracts. For exchange data, OCH uses CoinGecko, DefiLlama, Coinmarketcap and Binance.

Based on these APIs, OmniCryptoHub collects data such as historical prices to determine various risk and performance indicators (e.g. total return, Sharpe ratio, volatility, maximum drawdown, VaR, etc. for different time periods). In addition, OmniCryptoHub analyzes historical transactions to track the performance of portfolio wallets.

Our solution provides transparent access to a comprehensive database and optimizes the data collection process.

It enables the encapsulation of various APIs for generation and automated, logical workflows.

The platform provides a robust foundation for analytics, backoffice processes, billing and reporting.

It supports seamless integration with new technologies such as AI and opens up innovative scenarios through flexible plug-in API layers.


  • Portfolio analysis: Optimized portfolio analyses, real-time va-luations and risk-return analyses in context.

  • History views: Perform correlation analyses for all available tokens, coins and cryptocurrencies over periods of up to 2 years.
  • Accounting: The clear distinction between on-chain data and confirmed data enables a transparent presentation. Unconfirmed transactions are temporarily frozen for further trading.

  • Price sources: With access to personalized price sources, you can ensure that you always have accurate and up-to-date market data.
  • Legal provisions: Audit-proof reporting, automated and transparent, ensures compliance with legal regulations.
Sarah Rentschler-Gerloff

“The dynamics and rapid growth of the markets require lightning-fast decisions from everyone involved. With OmniCryptoHub, we offer a solution that provides information at a glance and adapts seamlessly to the pace and growth of the markets."

Sarah Rentschler-Gerloff

Head of Digital Assets & Custody