Information Security is not a Luxury,

but an elementary Component of every Company.

Company and personal information is a valuable asset worth protecting. We show you how you can set up or adapt an information security management system (ISMS) in your company. With an ISMS, you not only fulfil legal requirements, but can also avert risks for your company and your employees. In this way, you ensure compliance with the protection goals (confidentiality, availability and integrity) of your data and thus ultimately of your business processes.

Standards such as ISO 27001 or TISAX in the automotive industry are becoming increasingly important in this context to ensure competitiveness.


IT Governance & Compliance

IT Governance & Compliance are important pillars of a company. We help you to comply with both the legal and internal requirements for IT governance and IT compliance. To do this, we identify discrepancies between the actual and target status, analyse the relevant processes and make suggestions on how you can improve them.


Information & Data Protection

To protect your business data and personal data of your customers, employees and partners, we identify all important information and personal data in your company’s business processes. With the help of a gap analysis between the actual and target state, we identify measures to improve your methodology for protecting your information. In doing so, we also take into account the GDPR compliance of your processes and support you in implementing any necessary changes.


Security Audit & Preparation for Certification

We use a security audit to determine the maturity level of your organisation with regard to information security. For this purpose, we check how you implement all relevant requirements for an information security management system (ISMS). We support you with a gap analysis and accompany you on the way to certification for ISO 27001 and TISAX.


Risk Management

In IT governance, IT compliance and information protection, an established risk management system is the basis for a functioning information security management system (ISMS). We optimise the existing methodology, existing processes and coach you until your risk management is on a firm footing.


"Keeping important information and personal data secure is increasingly important in today's world."

Tobias Wild

Information Security Consultant