Discover the transformative power of tokenising real assets

in the investment market with our advice and solutions.

We take your assets to the next level with customised advice. Our expertise ranges from comprehensive advice on digital asset business strategies and business opportunities based on distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain to the tokenisation of assets and the smooth implementation of smart contracts. Our range of services includes DLT-based market infrastructures as well as pioneering custody and analytics solutions. We are here to help you innovate and increase efficiency

Tokenisierung von Assets

Tokenisation of Assets

Discover innovative solutions to transform traditional assets into digital tokens and create new trading, liquidity and investment opportunities with us. Our experts offer customised advisory services and solutions, supported by first-class partners. Whether it’s real estate, artworks, businesses or other assets, we’re with you every step of the way. From comprehensive analysis and tokenisation review to legal, regulatory advice and technical support for token creation and management. We optimise your knowledge and investments with a seamless transition into the world of digital assets.

DLT Marktinfrastruktur

DLT Market Infrastructure

DLT market infrastructures are essential for the issuance, trading and management of digital assets. This includes platforms, settlement systems and custody solutions. Our offering includes comprehensive consulting, integration and development services. Our expertise spans all aspects of digital asset platforms, settlement and custody systems to provide customised solutions for your industry.

We help you harness the transformative power of distributed ledger and blockchain technology to optimise your business processes and strengthen your competitive position.


Custody Solutions

A reliable custody system for digital and crypto assets is essential to ensure the security of your assets and protect the integrity and confidentiality of transactions. We offer expertise in asset management, from advice to seamless integration into your infrastructure. In this new financial era, we understand the complexity and offer customised services, from the development of secure wallets to the integration of cutting-edge technologies. Together with our partner network, we deliver innovative solutions that meet your needs and help you realise the full potential of your digital assets.


Regulation and Governance

Compliance with regulatory requirements, governance structures and legal requirements is crucial for digital assets. These factors directly shape the design of infrastructure and smart contracts. Thanks to our partner network, we offer comprehensive consulting services. Our aim is to develop customised solutions that not only comply with the regulatory framework, but also ensure the smooth integration of infrastructure and smart contracts in order to exploit the full potential of digital assets.


Digital and Cryptocurrencies

Our comprehensive services include consulting, development and integration for digital and cryptocurrencies. Thanks to our broad partner network, we offer innovative solutions in the field of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and CBMT (Central Bank Money Token). Whether you need customised advice on implementation or individual development and integration – we are shaping the future of finance together. With our support, you can realise the full potential of your financial strategies.

Digital Asset Advisory-2

Digital Asset Advisory

Our consulting services in the area of digital assets for financial and capital markets offer customised strategies for scaling and interoperability of business models. We support you in the seamless integration of your corporate strategies into the daily investment business and optimise downstream processes. Our focus is on providing you with innovative solutions that enable you to operate successfully in an ever-changing market and position your company for future growth.

Sarah Rentschler-Gerloff

“Digital assets and tokenisation are key topics as they are shaping the future of the financial sector and the economy and revolutionising the way we hold and trade assets."

Sarah Rentschler-Gerloff

Head of Digital Assets & Custody