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Our Cooperation with PlanetHome

The PlanetHome Group is one of the leading real estate service providers in Germany and Austria with the core areas of brokerage and financing of residential real estate. The focus is on close cooperation with banks, insurance companies and financial service providers in order to optimally complement their range of real estate services for their customers.

Since its foundation, planethome has brokered around 100,000 real estate units.

With an average of more than one billion loans brokered, PlanetHome is also one of the largest independent real estate financiers in Germany.


In 2017, PlanetHome launched a comprehensive digitalisation programme to address changing customer needs in the context of the digital transformation.

Within 12 weeks, the mobile app was designed and checked in to the store.

The web presence was completely redesigned in a sprint of only 100 days.

This was followed by other products such as the financing certificate, the owner portal and collaboration on the broker software.

Our contribution ...

With think tank, we have a reliable partner who accompanies us on the path to digitalisation.

Wolfram Gast

Head of Product and Innovation

Real Estate


Software Design

Business Transformation



PostgreSQL, JPA (OR Mapper), Spring, REST Services, Wildfly
Angular, Bootstrap, PhoneGap, Ionic