IDS GmbH – Analysis and Reporting Services (IDS)

WARP - Change Order Platform

Our Cooperation with IDS GmbH

IDS GmbH – Analysis and Reporting Services (IDS) is a 100% subsidiary of Allianz SE. It stands for managed services around data management, risk controlling, performance analysis and reporting of investments and in this context provides its clients with regulatory documents for their portfolio.

What is special about IDS is the holistic coverage of business processes along the aforementioned investment value chain. Through their technical as well as professional solution competence, IDS employees ensure rapid successes, while IDS clients concentrate on their core business and gain competitive advantages.

Our task was to develop a web-based, audit-proof order platform for change orders with specific (e.g. release) workflows regarding regulatory documents and master data (MVP).



  • Creating an application within a short set time that had to be integrated into the complex infrastructure.

  • Due to the client’s wish to introduce the agile approach at the same time, we also took on the role of product owner.

  • The business experts were involved in the operational business and the approach to the development of a new application was still unknown.

Our Contribution ...

think tank supports us in continuously optimising our customer interface. We greatly appreciate the trusting cooperation with think tank, who always provide us with a 360-degree view of the requirements and implement them according to our wishes. think tank is a reliable partner for us and we look forward to realising joint projects in the future.

Veit Trunk

Head of Service Design



Software Design
Transformation Management 


Business Process Automation
Role Leasing



InVision, Java8, ExtJS,  API, Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence

Digitalisierung öffentliche Verwaltung
Registre National des Entreprises (RNE)

Digitalisation of the commercial Register

Our cooperation with the RNE

RNE (National Registry of Commerce) is a newly established government agency that has assumed full responsibility over the national commercial registry. Originally, the commercial register was under the responsibility of the Ministries of Justice and Economy.

RNE is responsible for the collection and management of metadata of all companies, societies, organisations, ONGs, professionals, etc. established and resident in Tunisia. It is the country’s central business database through which all amendments must pass.

The digital transformation is in full swing in Tunisia. All ministries and all state-owned companies and institutions are involved in this ecosystem. In this context, RNE represents the core of the entire ecosystem, which aims to fully digitise all processes.


  • Participation of users (entrepreneurs, freelancers, lawyers, accountants) in the processes of business creation and information change.

  • Full digitalisation of all processes: Registration, electronic signing of documents, scanning of documents, online payment, validation processes up to the publication of all public business information and files of the companies incl. a commercial register file with secured QR codes.

  • Providing search mechanisms for quick retrieval of all information of a company or a person having a relationship with a given company.


In 2007, think tank participated in a tender by the then INNORPI, beat other big names in IT and won the contract.

The wish was to digitalise all processes of the commercial register, including communication with all authorities involved, within one year.

Technical and infrastructural challenges had to be overcome, as the IT infrastructure of all authorities was very outdated.

Our contribution ...

Together with our IT partner think tank Business Solutions, we have succeeded in designing and setting up one of the most efficient and complex IT system in the eGov Environment since 2008, which is the Business Corporate Registry of Tunisia.


Adel Chouari

Directeur Général



Software Design


Digital Business Transformation


Oracle, JPA (OR Mapper), REST Services, Tomcat, Angular, Struts, Bootstrap


360 Degree Real Estate Platform

Our Cooperation with PlanetHome

The PlanetHome Group is one of the leading real estate service providers in Germany and Austria with the core areas of brokerage and financing of residential real estate. The focus is on close cooperation with banks, insurance companies and financial service providers in order to optimally complement their range of real estate services for their customers.

Since its foundation, planethome has brokered around 100,000 real estate units.

With an average of more than one billion loans brokered, PlanetHome is also one of the largest independent real estate financiers in Germany.


In 2017, PlanetHome launched a comprehensive digitalisation programme to address changing customer needs in the context of the digital transformation.

Within 12 weeks, the mobile app was designed and checked in to the store.

The web presence was completely redesigned in a sprint of only 100 days.

This was followed by other products such as the financing certificate, the owner portal and collaboration on the broker software.

Our contribution ...

With think tank, we have a reliable partner who accompanies us on the path to digitalisation.

Wolfram Gast

Head of Product and Innovation

Real Estate


Software Design

Business Transformation



PostgreSQL, JPA (OR Mapper), Spring, REST Services, Wildfly
Angular, Bootstrap, PhoneGap, Ionic